Tuesday, November 17, 2020

"Nutrition in a Pandemic" Seminar Series DISCOUNT

Dr. T. Colin Campbell
How scary has this pandemic been for everyone? And, it seems to be getting worse! But, guess what?!?!? There is a new seminar series from Dr. T. Colin Campbell, the pioneering scientist responsible for launching the plant-based nutrition movement. In this professionally filmed series titled "Nutrition in a Pandemic," Dr. Campbell makes an impenetrable case for plant-based nutrition, leading to an argument about the connection of nutrition to the COVID pandemic. In this culminating lecture, he shares powerful data from his research in the lab and in China.

This seminar series is available for purchase now at the introductory price of $229, but if you use this link: http://www.plantpurenation.com/discount/1g... then click on PROGRAMS, NUTRITION IN A PANDEMIC, and ENTER THE COUPON CODE mrsplant at checkout, you can get a $30 discount for a final price of $199.

Rather than going into further detail, I will just share a note from Dr. Campbell’s son, Nelson Campbell, below.

From Nelson:

As you may know, I wrote and directed the PlantPure Nation film and founded the PlantPure company and nonprofit, PlantPure Communities.

Through PlantPure, we helped my father produce the Nutrition in a Pandemic seminar series so he could reach more people with his nutrition message. He also wanted to support PlantPure through a difficult period caused by the pandemic. PlantPure has made important philanthropic commitments and is finally launching a long-envisioned strategy for empowering local groups everywhere to share the plant-based nutrition message. This strategy includes the launch of a social action platform at OpenTribe.com.

I encourage you to learn more by visiting OpenTribe.com. After signing up, you may want to watch a short video on the home page (button to the right) telling our PlantPure story. You can then visit the rest of the site, perhaps including a quick review of our Truth Petition.

The initial lecture in the series will be released on Friday, November 20th, followed by additional releases every Tuesday and Friday through December 18. (Note that you’ll be able to access the released segments at any time, on your own schedule.) I deliver an introduction and a closing session, and a bit of narration in between, and my father delivers the nine key lectures (see curriculum below). 

  • The Need for a New Nutritional Paradigm (Intro by Nelson Campbell)
  • Genetic Determinism
  • The Origin of Our Protein Paradigm
  • Wholist Nutrition
  • China Research Project
  • Nutrition Confusion and Myths, Part 1\
  • Nutrition Confusion and Myths, Part 2
  • Nutrition and COVID-19 – The Cost of Ignoring Nutrition
  • Our Nutrition Future – How to Get it Right
  • Putting your Knowledge to Work (Nelson)

Thank you for considering this offering.

Nelson Campbell
Founder & President of PlantPure, Inc.
Founder & Chairperson of the nonprofit PlantPure Communities

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