Thursday, September 3, 2020

REVIEW: Purple Carrot Plant-Based Meal Delivery

For my 56th birthday, my sister generously sent me a gift certificate for Purple Carrot meals. We received two meal prep kits with four servings each. The items we cooked were Kimchi Quesadillas and Caribbean Sweet Potatoes. I chose these because they both contained sweet potatoes, which are my favorite! I am going to break down the pros and cons of the service itself and then each recipe. So, here we go!

Overall Impressions of the Purple Carrot experience...


  • The ingredients were all fresh and carefully chosen and ALL plant-based!
  • The recipes were unique and had plenty of flavor.
  • The delivery came exactly when promised.
  • Their customer service is fantastic--I had a question, and it was addressed immediately.
  • The recipes were pretty easy to follow, with nice progress photos to help you along.
  • The portion sizes were satisfactory for any adult (almost too big!). 

  • You still have to do all the chopping and cooking. 😭
  • There were very few non-starchy vegetables in the meals. I still had to make more veggies to supplement each meal.
  • The recipes mention oil, but there was no oil included in the shipment. I don't cook with oil, so I was fine with that!
  • There was a lot of packaging that I had to throw out (not recyclable), which made me feel guilty. 😪
  • The price PER SERVING was just over $10. This covers the recipe, ingredients, and delivery. When you can go and eat in a restaurant and not have to cook or clean up for close to this price per serving, this might cause some to balk. However, the meals were MUCH more delicious than most plant-based meals I have had in a restaurant and can be modified to your tastes because you're the one cooking the meals. 😊

Recipe #1: Caribbean Sweet Potatoes with Coconut Rice and Mango Salsa

  • Flavor combination in this recipe was exquisite! Absolutely stunning! We LOVED the jerk seasoning on the potatoes. I roasted them without oil, and they were still splendid! And, the mango salsa with the kidney beans included was genius.  The coconut rice was yummy, but I have a couple of changes I would make next time (see CONS).
  • The organic kidney beans came in an aseptic, shelf-stable container instead of a can (YAY!). They were the most tender kidney beans I have ever had!
  • Filling portion sizes
  • Hubby LOVED this meal! 💓
  • There were too much salt suggested for the coconut rice. I would have halved it.
  • Lite coconut milk could have easily replaced the full-fat version and tasted just as good. 

Recipe #2:
Kimchi Quesadillas...

  • Flavor was amazing! The Togarashi seasoning on the baked sweet potatoes was perfect! The lemon aioli was an unexpected positive touch on the quesadillas, and the vegan kimchi/seasoned black bean combination was brilliant!
  • There was PLENTY of food to eat.
  • Hubby LOVED this meal! 💓
  • The tortillas were VERY large, and I don't think everyone might have a 14-inch pan for them to fit in. Plus, that was too much for us to eat. We shared 1 1/2 tortillas. 
  • As mentioned before, the recipes mention oil, but there was no oil included in the shipment. I don't cook with oil, so I was fine with that!
  • Also as mentioned before, there were not many non-starchy vegetables in this recipe, so I had to roast some seasoned zucchini to add to this meal. 

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