Friday, June 26, 2020

Small Batch Creamy Nut Butter

I love making my own clean nut butters, but I only make cashew butter occasionally and in a smaller amount. That's why I love our food processor! It comes with a mini insert attachment that can make the most creamy nut butters without any added oil. When I try to make a small batch in the Vitamix, all of the nuts get tossed around and you have to constantly scrape the sides to get nut butter. This is so much easier!! This food processor also comes with a bunch of other cool attachments like a juicer so I can make my lemon and lime juice cubes. And also, it makes pizza dough and dog biscuit dough easily with the dough attachment. For only around $175, it is one of the best small appliances I've ever owned! CLICK to my Amazon shop and click on the "Cooking Appliances and Gadgets" section!

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