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Vegan Pad See Ew - Famous Thai Dish Made at Home!

Vegan Pad See Ew
This is a multiple-part recipe that makes 3-4 servings. PLEASE read it COMPLETELY THROUGH before attempting to make it. The recipe is made ONE SERVING AT A TIME in a hot wok or a non-stick skillet. This is very important!

NOTE: If you are not using a non-stick wok or pan, you will need to use a small amount of vegetable oil in this recipe along with a small amount of water. Also, you can choose to add 1 t of dark sesame oil to each serving for a smoky flavor, but it is NOT required!

Also, I chose to use dry rice flake noodles because I couldn't find fresh. These actually worked out great, and they didn't get too sticky or tangled in the mix.

SAUCE INGREDIENTS (can be made in advance and stored in a jar with an airtight top):
1/4 cup BLACK soy sauce (Get at an Asian store or online. I used Kwong Hung Seng brand with the ORANGE top.)
½ cup vegetarian mushroom oyster sauce (Get at an Asian store or online. I used Wa Ja Shan brand.)
2 packed T of light brown sugar
red chili flakes to taste

14 oz. extra-firm tofu, drained, pressed to remove excess moisture, and cut into cubes
1 lb. DRY rice flake noodles (Buy online or at an Asian store)
Rice Flake Noodles
6 cloves of garlic, minced
1 bunch of Chinese broccoli (called Cai Lan), wash, dry, and cut the greens into 2-inch pieces (You can use the stems, but you have to cut them thinly so they will cook quickly)
2 cups of broccoli florets
1 large carrot, peeled and cut into 1/8-inch diagonal pieces
1 bunch of Enoki mushrooms, ends cut off, rinsed and dried well (OPTIONAL)
1-2 t dark sesame oil (optional)

Prep Ahead:
1) Wash, cut, and dry Cai Lan leaves. These can be stored in the fridge for a while so the leaves dry out.
2) Prep the garlic, carrots, broccoli florets, and Enoki mushrooms and store in the fridge until ready to cook.
3) Make up the sauce recipe in a pint-sized Mason jar or other container. Set aside.


1) Add 2 T of the sauce to the tofu cubes. Toss to coat. Bake the tofu on non-stick foil or parchment paper at 375 degrees for 20 minutes. When tofu is done, place on a plate or in a bowl near the stove/wok.

2) Place a cup of water near your wok or skillet to use while cooking. Add a SMALL amount of water to cook the veggies. You don’t want too much extra moisture.

3) In your wok or skillet, add ½ cup water and steam the broccoli florets, Cai Lan stems (if using), and carrots until just fork tender. Do NOT overcook. The broccoli should still be bright green. Set aside in a bowl near the stove/wok. Also, place the chopped Cai Lan leaves and Enoki mushrooms near the stove/wok.

4) At the same time, boil a pot of water (3-4 quarts). Place the rice flake noodles in a large bowl. When the water is bubbling and boiling, carefully pour the water over the noodles. I put the bowl in the sink and poured the boiling water over them in there. Set a timer for 8 minutes. Some of the noodles will curl up, but that’s OK. Immediately pour the noodles into a strainer and rinse them with cold water for a about 2 minutes. Let them drain well. Set near stove/wok.

At this point, you will be cooking each batch for ONE PERSON. So, portion out the veggies and tofu so you have enough for each person you are serving. You will make each serving as follows:

Pour about 1-2 T of water (or oil, if using) into your heated wok (not too high at first). Add some garlic and cook for about 1 minute. Increase the wok to high heat. Add a portion of Enoki mushrooms, and cook about 1 minute. Add a portion of Cai Lan and let it cook down while you stir it. This is the time to add 1 t of dark sesame oil if you choose to add it. Now, add a portion of the broccoli florets and carrots—stirring as it cooks. Finally, add in about 3-4 T of the sauce, a portion of rice noodles, and the tofu. Stir to coat with sauce, then let everything sit for 1 minute so the rice noodles get a bit charred.

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