Friday, January 15, 2016

Product Review: Yonanas Elite

Black Cherry "Nice" Cream
I got our family a Yonanas Elite machine for Christmas this year, and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not sure if we will decide we need the counter space back or not; but for now, I am giving it prime real estate next to the Vitamix.

So, some people might ask, "Why do you need a Yonanas machine if you have a Vitamix?" I found making nice cream in the Vitamix exhausting. It took too long to get everything mixed well. It just ended up wearing me out. I used to use my heavy-duty food processor, but I don't own it anymore (and WHAT A CHORE it was to clean all the part every time!).

I got a GREAT deal on the Yonanas Elite from their website. It was 30% off before the holidays. The cleanup is super easy (just four parts to rinse out!). I love how it grinds nuts or chocolate or fruit to make unique combinations. We've made Salted Caramel using dates, and we've made Toasted Almond Chocolate Chip, along with several strictly fruit blends. All were delicious and creamy! The machine comes with a book of great combination ideas, too.

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