Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fermented Vegetables

I have dabbled  in "sciency" endeavors like growing sprouts in jars and making kombucha. I just find it fun and interesting. My lastest interest is sauerkraut. After spending over $8 on a jar at Sprouts recently, I wondered if I could make my own. WOW, is it ever easy!?!

I started off watching this simple video on how to make fermented veggies. It seemed so easy, I thought I could do it! I actually owned the same crock the guy used in the video, so I made my first batch that way. Some of the liquid dribble out onto the small plate I placed under it. I thought there might be a better way.

I looked around online and found this relatively inexpensive container (they make smaller ones for cheaper!) to make it in and store it in after it fermented. In only 3-4 days, we had a giant container of delicious-tasting sauerkraut! I used my Breville All-in-One Food Processor to shred a huge head of cabbage, weighed the amount of cabbage I had, and added 1% of the cabbage weight in salt to the shredded cabbage. Then, you mix with your hands like the guy in the video. You can also make homemade kimchi and other fermented veggies in this container, or just use it as an airtight storage for other items. So far, I love it!

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