Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Plant-Pure Nation Cookbook: Irish Potatoes and Cabbage

When I buy a cookbook, I leaf through and file recipes in the back of my mind that I KNOW I'm going to make first. One of those was the Irish Potatoes with Cabbage in the PlantPure Nation Cookbook. I love the ingredients and just knew the flavors and textures melded together would be superb. I was RIGHT! It's the perfect dish for a chilly evening at home.

The only modifications I made were the following:
1) I added 2 large carrots to the recipe
2) I peeled the potatoes and carrots, and I chopped the potatoes them into approximately 1-inch chunks and the carrots into 1/2-inch chunks. 
3) Then, I placed the carrot and potato chunks in the pressure cooker with about 1 cup of water, set it to 3 minutes on pressure, and did a quick release. 
4) Finally, I used my Breville All-in-One ricer attachment and quickly (maybe 3 or 4 times) blended the potatoes and carrots, leaving some chunks.

I followed the rest of the recipe to the letter. This would work well as a holiday side dish or as a main dish for dinner. 


  1. I just got this book from Amazon! I will look for this recipe and try it!