Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Holiday Meal Philosophy

Chloe Coscarelli's 5-Ingredient Apple Pie
Some people may not agree with me on what I am about to say, and that is completely OK. But, I have a philosophy and viewpoint I'd like to share. Agree or not. It's totally OK!

My food blog is devoted to recipes that are primarily whole food plant-based with no oil-added. And, I plan to keep it that way because I believe that is the very best way to eat to prevent and reverse many illnesses. That said, during Thanksgiving and Christmas, I do make some concessions. *I* ALWAYS eat plant-based. That will never change. But, I like to make some plant-based dishes that may encourage others to consider this lifestyle. One great example is the Green Bean Casserole that I posted yesterday. Most people would assume that they would have to give that dish up forever because they would no longer be consuming dairy, which is an ingredient in the cream of mushroom soup that is in the traditional recipe. Last year, those that tried the dish were surprised at the similarity to the traditional (dairy-based) recipe. Even the omnivores that tasted it said, "Hey, I'd be fine eating this instead!"

Do I normally eat french-fried onion rings as a topper to my food. NO, I don't. But, for one meal out of 1,095 that I eat yearly, I don't believe it's going to hurt me. In fact, it MIGHT help someone else.

Some people might think that a dish like that would send mixed messages. No, fried food is not optimal for the body. It shouldn't be something we consume as part of our lifestyle if we want to be the healthiest we can be. But, I believe there many people do better when they transition. I've always been a cold turkey (or as Lindsay Nixon says, cold tofu!) person, but I get that everyone is NOT like me. And, in time, most people who are doing this to improve their health come to the conclusion that many of these plant-based transition foods don't make them feel much better than their old animal product-based lifestyle.

To wrap this up, I want to warn you that you might see a few recipes posted here for the holidays that are not 100% Esselstyn-Barnard-Campbell-AJ-McDougall approved. They will be 100% plant-based and should only be consumed for a special occasion and to share with people who might want to ease into this lifestyle. HEY...you don't have to eat these recipes. Take them to a potluck or Thanksgiving dinner at your Grandma Alice's! Trust me, you'll have many people shocked, surprised, and blessed by the dish you brought. Then, get right back on. If you love the way you feel eating WFPBNO, it won't be a challenge to put that meal behind you and return to the lifestyle you've chosen.

Update: I had several people ask for the APPLE PIE recipe in the photo above. Here is a YouTube video of Chloe Coscarelli making it!


  1. I support you! Most of the food I take to parties does not get eaten except by me. Maybe I should lighten up and follow your philosophy to make food more accessible (and acceptable) to the others in my life. Thank you for this post!

    1. You are so welcome! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!