Saturday, October 3, 2015

Getting Your Veggies In

Sometimes, it can be challenging to get your veggies in. One can only eat so many raw carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes! So, I like to get creative with my meals and add lots of veggies to every dish.

A particularly easy way to add veggies to your daily intake is by adding them to pasta sauce. We had some homemade marinara that we batch cooked and had frozen. Today, I chopped some cubes of eggplant, mushrooms, and spinach and steamfried those until tender. Then, I added the defrosted sauce to them and will simmer them together for a while. Then, we'll have a meal...full of veggies and flavor!

Try adding greens to your soups and sauces. They're the easiest to get in without compromising flavor. Or, be creative and come up with your own veggie add-ins!

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