Thursday, October 15, 2015

"Burger" Press

Do you remember this baby from your old "burger" days? I used to have a Tupperware one, but this one is a less-expensive version that worked PERFECTLY for shaping my Smoky Sweet Potato Bean Spinach Burgers. I just placed some plastic wrap in the bottom of one of the round containers, placed the ring inside, then scooped some of my burger mixture in and used the press to press the mixture down well. Then, I lifted out the plastic wrap and flipped the pattie out onto my parchment paper. Voila! They're just the right size for our buns, too!

Here is my affiliate link to the burger press!

Pressed (but not yet baked) patties


  1. I still have my Tupperware one. I only use the ring and the press. Press then directly onto my lined baking sheet.