Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Preparing for the Week - Dry Mixes

Prepare the dry ingredients for a recipe in advance!
If you're like me, you're super busy pretty much all week. And sometimes, I stress out when I know I have to cook something a bit more complicated or time-consuming. To take some of the stress out of preparing, I create dry mixes of food I plan to cook in the near future. I simply measure out all of the dry ingredients for a recipe and store them in a sealed container for future use. That can include all of the spices for a chili, pancake or muffin mix ingredients, etc. I create the mixes when I actually have some time so they're ready to go!

This week, I am having company, but I am quite busy the day our company is coming. Having the seasonings for Deon's Chili and the dry mix ready for the Jalapeno Salsa Corn Muffins (from the "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" cookbook) will make the cooking part quite a bit faster!

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