Saturday, July 25, 2015


When I have something left over, I figure out SOMETHING to make with it because I cannot stand throwing food out (unless it's growing something on it!). For dinner last night and lunch today, we had Mexican Potatoes, so we had three baked Yukon golds left that we didn't use. Thinking quickly, I grated a big 'ol zucchini, one carrot, and chopped up half a package of Sweet Earth Chipotle Seitan Strips left over from the paninis we made the other day.  I added some smoked paprika and a little pink salt and gently mixed it all together. I spread the mixture out in our gargantuan skillet and cooked it over medium heat, letting the moisture cook out and become a little crispy before flipping the "hash" around. The result...a really tasty healthy, oil-free meal!

Don't throw away leftovers. Figure out how you can incorporate them into another meal!

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