Thursday, May 28, 2015

Healing Green Juice

I don't own a juicer because frankly, I wouldn't use it very often. However from time to time, I have the ingredients for my favorite healing green juice in the house. so I make it using my blender and a nut milk bag. It's actually pretty easy, and the cleanup is quick!

Also, I have a nifty cup I got from that I use when I want to take juice or smoothies on the go.

1 bunch of organic celery, chopped into rough chunks
2 organic Granny Smith apples (or Fuji apples, if you want your juice even sweeter), chopped into rough chunks
1 lemon, cut into quarters, remove seeds
1 inch of fresh ginger
2 large handfuls of organic spinach
1 large organic cucumber, chopped into rough chunks
5 ice cubes

Blend ingredients in your high-speed blender, using the tamper to push the mixture down into the blades, or use a spatula periodically to get the ingredients moving. Blend until smooth. WASH YOUR HANDS WELL. Then, place your nut milk bag over a large bowl. Pour mixture into the nut milk back and squeeze juice out with your hands. Makes approximately 2 large glasses of healing green juice.

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