Saturday, May 30, 2015

Education Lesson: Cooking Gadgets

Admittedly, I get a lot of help with my cooking. What I mean is, I use GADGETS. With a very busy life, these gadgets are super helpful in getting healthy meals on the table, so I thought I'd share my favorites with you. All are tried and true. LOVE THEM!
Can you tell I shop at!??! :-)

1) Messermeister Vegetable Peeler – You will throw all your other peelers out! Peels kiwi, mangoes, a bag of potatoes in 5-10 minutes!

2) Veggie Chopper with Removable Grids – Chop onions, potatoes, peppers, apples, and more! LOVE this addition to my gadgets family!

3) Chef'n Pull-string Hand Chopper – Chop nuts, onions, etc. with this easy-to-clean chopper! Works your forearms, too!

4) Spiralizer- You can probably find a better price for this elsewhere; however, this is the one I own and love. You can spiralize raw zucchini in minutes!

5) Reconditioned Vitamix -  for free shipping, order through this web page instead. I cannot tell you how many times a day I use my Vitamix!!!

6) Secura Pressure Cooker - I know a lot of people buy InstantPot brand, but I love my Secura! It's similar in cost, but I think it's smaller on the counter (though the same size internally), and it is simple to use. Down the road, I added the nonstick pot and the stand/steamer basket combo to my collection. I would highly recommend having the extra non-stick pot for sticky items like oats, rice, etc. and the steamer basket and stand to steam veggies and cook potatoes.

7) Hand-Held Citrus Juicer and Electric Citrus Juicer- I have both of these, and use the electric one only when I juice a whole bag at a time. I like juice fresh lemons and limes and freeze them in ice cube trays for future use. Then, I store them in freezer bags. This prevents citrus from going bad before I get around to using it!

8) Garlic Press and Garlic Peeler - I did a lot of research. These are both fabulous!


  1. Would love to see pics of your fave gadgets. I can't live without my Vitamix, food Processor and now my Instant Pot:)

    1. If you click on the titles of each gadget, Sherri, they will take you to the photos. ENJOY!