Sunday, November 12, 2017

Pre-Thanksgiving T2 Challenge

Start with a week of eating HEALTHY before the holidays are upon us!

If you are PRE-DIABETIC or a TYPE 2 DIABETIC (or just someone who wants to eat healthy whole plant foods!), please consider joining this challenge! I created a 50% OFF code for my eBOOK--just for people who want to do this challenge (eBook is available for this special price NOW; the challenge starts THIS THURSDAY, 11/16/17) ! The code is "T2challenge" and the eBook will only cost you $5! 
to buy the eBook. If you ALREADY have the eBook, just join us!

Read the eBook and begin eating like the principles in it. I have included 15 recipes (5 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to get your started, or you can go to my website at for more recipes. *REMEMBER to follow the principles in the eBook!*

Write me with any questions you have from my website or directly to

Also, please feel free to post comments, food ideas (that follow the eBook principles), etc. here in the event!

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