Friday, November 11, 2016

Review: LEAN & CLEAN by High Carb Hannah (Hannah Howlett)

I have had the absolute pleasure of getting to read HIGH CARB HANNAH’S new “LEAN & CLEAN” eBook in advance. I was so inspired by this eBook that I am ALREADY incorporating much of what she has presented in it. This is not just a book, though. It’s full of valuable education, tips, and a plan that is easy to follow. It’s better than any diet book or program as it lacks the complicated methods most diet plans require.

I am starting 100% adherence to her 14-day plan on the Monday after Thanksgiving (November 28), and I would love to have support by others who want to join in with me! Simply purchase a copy of the eBook, read it through, prep up for Week 1 right after Thanksgiving, and let’s get this party started! Go to my Mrs. Plant Facebook page to join all of us who are doing the 14-day plan together!

The 50+ recipes in this eBook are 100% PLANT-BASED, GLUTEN-FREE, and easy easy EASY to make! You don’t even have to own a pressure cooker to make the recipes (but some CAN be made in a pressure cooker)! And, there are shopping lists included for both weeks!

This book will not be sold in another format for environmental reasons. It is, however, formatted to be printed if you so choose. I recommend 2-sided and in black and white if you choose to have it printed. The book is over 200 pages with gorgeous photos! The PDF file can be opened in your phone, laptop, tablet—basically any mobile device!

 If you have any general questions, I would be glad to answer them. I will not, however, tell you everything that is in the book. It is absolutely worth purchasing!

 Order the book:

NOTE: I am an affiliate for Hannah and Derek’s books. When you purchase their books through my links, I receive compensation. This allows me to purchase ingredients and supplies to continue serving you through the Mrs. Plant community. I prefer this over annoying advertising. ;-) Also, I believe strongly in what I promote.


  1. Thank you for the best diet in the WORLD.

  2. Just purchased it through your link! xox

  3. let's do this together! just purchased it through your link too!

    1. How are you doing on L&C? It's awesome; isn't it?