Friday, March 11, 2016

Book Review: Epic Vegan Instant Pot Recipes by Derek and Hannah Howlett

Oil-Free and SIMPLE!
For a long time now, I have been watching YouTube videos made by Hannah and Derek Howlett (you may know them as High Carb Hannah and Unconventional Living or together as Life Inside a Box). They are honest, down-to-earth people with a simplistic approach to life that is engaging and contagious. Check out their YouTube channels (links above and below).

But, let's get onto the the review. To be honest, I JUST bought their new book and haven't cooked from it yet. I will, however, update this review after I cook through the book (which I FULLY intend to do). However, I want to point out some reasons why I think you should purchase a book like this:

First off, you can buy a PDF version (in English or in Spanish!), which is incredibly handy if you want to print out a recipe and slop it up on the counter like I do time and time again. ;-) Or, if you like physical paper, there is a paperback version in both languages, as well.

Also, I think the tips shared are helpful and accurate. You don't need to spend a ton of money to cook well, and this book sends you in the right direction on purchasing a few helpful gadgets.

Next, I love the basics section. Everyone always asks me how to cook rice and potatoes to perfection, and there is a way. I cook mine EXACTLY as this book directs, so follow their lead!

In addition, I love the photos because you can be inspired and see that the food is going to be appetizing. The ingredient lists are short, but filled with full-flavor spices and sauces. No recipe in this book will be bland...THAT I can tell!

Last of all (for the time being!), the 7-Day Challenge is a wicked added bonus. Grocery lists and recipe suggestions always help get you on your way, and they've done an "EPIC" job of laying that all out for you.

Appraisal: A+

Hannah Howlett's High-Carb Hannah YouTube Channel
Derek (Dman) Howlett's Unconventional Living YouTube Channel
Life Inside a Box

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