Sunday, November 15, 2015

Education Lesson: What is Calorie Density?

It is a known fact that people eat approximately the same WEIGHT of food per day, give or take a few ounces. Your body becomes satiated when it has been filled with a certain amount of food. So, the key to LOSING weight is to eat the same AMOUNT of food (that makes your stomach's stretch and fullness receptors happy) but to choose foods that are lower in calories and fat PER POUND.

This chart shows us the approximate caloric value of a pound of various types of foods. You can see that the whole foods (with the exception of nuts, seeds, and avocado) are particularly low in calories per pound than animal products, refined carbs/sugars/junk food, and oil. That said, to lose weight, you must eat the foods above the red line first and foremost, with limited high-calorie dense whole foods (nuts, seeds, avocados). Some people even forego the high-calorie dense whole foods when in weight loss mode, adding them in slowing when they get to their optimal weight.

A large percentage of recipes on this food blog fall in the category above the red line. You should be able to find delicious, filling foods to eat while working on your weight. Take time to browse the recipes and try a few--even if you're not sure you'd like them. ENJOY!

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